BREAKDOWN OF THE PROGRAM Here's What You Can Expect... 

Program Summary

This is an exclusive FIRST it's kind training and coaching program customized SPECIFICALLY for passion, purpose and productivity seekers looking to discover who they are, identify and execute their passion(s) and change their lives and those around them for the better.

Over the course of this dynamic experience you will embark upon the Ultimate Personal Development & Productivity Experience! A Unique Opportunity for you to discover yourself, break through limiting beliefs, remove productivity blockers and Get Sh*t Done!

You'll get the tools and strategies to:

  • Discover your Passion and Purpose
  • Get unstuck by identifying what's holding you back
  • Turn broken new years resolutions into sustainable results
  • Learn the 3 habits to significantly enhance your mental and physical health
  • Uncover your reasons for procrastinating and create an action plan to overcome it
  • Dramatically improve your personal and professional relationships!
  • And of course there’s more…

Key Program Components...

These are the 4 Core Principles you'll have access to in the 90-Day Accelerator:

  • Clarity- Discover who you are, who you really want to be, how others perceive you, and self-sabotaging habits
  • Mindset- How to develop a Relentless Mindset by implementing the Top 5 Daily Habits of Highly Successful People
  • Organization- You'll learn the Keys to increasing your Productivity over 80% in just 7 Days
  • Optimization- You'll learn How to implement S.Y.S.T.E.Ms to Save Yourself Stress, Time, Energy and Money.


" Long ago, I realized that success leaves clues, and that people who produce outstanding results do specific things to create those results. I beleived that if I precisely duplicated the actions of others, I could reproduce the same quality of results they had ”

 - Tony Robbins 

People Are Talking...

A picture is often better than a thousand words, so I assume that makes a video even more powerful. Take a look and a listen to the feedback from some previous Attendees who've had the Chris Cooper Live Experience!!

Here's What We Are Going To Do...



Success is 80% Psychology & 20% Mechanics...  

Part One of our journey is all about Foundation and the foundation upon which all life, career, business and relationship success is build upon is on our Personal Psychology- it's truly a game changer and it can be our biggest asset or our greatest liability. In Part One of our Passion, Purpose & Productivity Accelerator we'll:  

  • Explore and Identify your Passions & Interests
  • Evaluate your Talents and Skills
  • Increase your consciousness of your natural preferences, behaviors and reactions under pressure
  • Identify and eliminate Traumas and limiting beliefs that have stunted your growth and advancement  
    This is indeed a plethora of information but guess what we'll guide you along the way! Buckle Up for a Thrilling Ride! Don't worry because Part 1 is Full of Surprises and Rest Assured we will have tons of fun while learning!!!



The Only Place Success Comes Before Work is in the Dictionary...  

Part Two is all about taking the understanding and self-knowledge that we've gathered in Part 1 and beginning the application process. This involves pulling together the puzzle pieces, fine tuning key skills and qualities, organizing them, and creating a plan for our your ultimate success. Key components include:  

  • Clarifying your purpose
  • Learning how to make decisions effectively
  • Learning time and productivity maximization techniques and practices

    Let's Get to WORK- This is truly a BOOTCAMP-like Experience so in PART 2 we roll up our sleeves and get cracking!



It's not just about the Resources it's about Being Resourceful

After identifying and adopting the proper personal psychology, methods, and strategies it's critical to create a plan and drive for results. And no plan is complete without the tools that make the magic happen! Part Three is all about brining all the pieces together including:  

  • Improving on and Optimizing your "old" ways of operating
  • Implementing tools, techniques and strategies that propel your success and fulfillment
  • Creating your Passion, Purpose & Productivity (PPP) Plan  

At the conclusion of Part 3 you will walk away with a real PPP, a roadmap that you will be able to implement in immediately as you live out-loud, with intention and purpose!

It's time to your You to choose YOU!
Ready to Step Up?  

More Program Details...

We Can't Wait to Serve You


The Passion, Purpose & Productivity 90 Day Accelerator is a hybrid virtual training and coaching program that will be administered through:

  • Live Virtual Instruction Sessions
  • Interactive Online Learning Platform
  • Live Q&A and Coaching Sessions
  • Private Mastermind Forum

Program Dates: 

Monday, November 29th, 2021 through Sunday, February 28, 2022

A full itinerary and learning plan along with supporting details will be distributed to registered participants.

Let's do this!