Don't let 2018 just be another year!

  • Did You Know?  
  • - 700 Million adults desire to live in another country - 63% of Americans want to start a business - 81% of people beleive they have a book in them - 85% of people are less than "extremly satisified" with their current jobs - 6 out of every 10 people want to lose weight and 95% of people who lose the weight fail to keep it off long term - 92% of the 17 Million People that try to quit smoking each year fail - 73% Of People Who Set Fitness Goals As New Year's Resolutions Give Them Up - 88% of people who set New Year's Resolutions fail at their attempts and 80% of those resolutions are broken by Valentine's Day
  • Sadly, Only 10% of the population has specific, well-defined goals And only 70% of those reach their goals 50% of the time, and even if you have a plan and goals less than 1% of individuals actually follow through on that plan and Acheive their Dreams!  
  • Well, these stats may be alarming and if any of these stats resonate with you, YOU are NOT alone!  
  • At some time in our lives we all feel stuck and dissatisfied. Each one of us has issues that we believe we cannot overcome: You can't find love, You can't start over, You can't lose weight, You won't get that promotion, You can't start that business or write that book. And because you feel hopeless you accept the status quo and give up!  
  • So I wan't you to push forward and Get Sh*t Done!!  
  • No more waiting, wishing and wanting.  
  • No more starting and stopping a million things!  
  • It's time for completion and acceleration.  

  • Your potential is in reach and the ball is in your court, So I invite YOU to be my guest for my two-day interactive intensive, where we will explore various systems tools and techniques so that you can build a customized productivity plan for your personal and professional lives.  
  • At the end of our time together, you will emerge with a plan that works for you, so that you can start regaining control of your life not later but right NOW!
  • And even more you will be able to implement your plan IMMEDIATELY!!!!  


You Will Learn...  

- What personal efficiency is, what skill sets can improve personal productivity, and what attitudes we should cultivate - Why multi-tasking is a myth - What role long-term goals play in short-term efficiency - What an effective Personal vision is and develop a plan to achieve it - Understand why you procrastinate and develop methods for tackling tasks - Tools to make your household, workplace and place of business more productive and efficient - Top 3 Secrets of the World's Most Succesful People and how you can implement them daily - And so much more....  

Overall, it's time to learn how to implement healthy sustainable habits that last a lifetime. These are the very same habits that produce big, fast and measurable results.  

So Don't just get stuff done Don't even just get some stuff done Don't even maybe, kinda, sorta, get stuff done..  

Let's Get Sh*t Done!!

About your Host...

Seen on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX, TWO TIME #1 Best-Selling Author, Lifestyle & Procrastination Expert Chris Cooper is one of the most dynamic, engaging and accomplished authors, coaches, trainers and speakers in America. With three academic degrees, numerous professional certifications, book smarts and street smarts this young man of vision, passion and charisma has done it all! From being the youngest Senior Manager ever with a major Fortune 100 Company to starting three businesses, to running with the bulls in Spain and even Walking on Fire, Chris’ life has indeed been and continues to be an exciting adventure.  

Chris’ recent accolades include being named Who’s Who in Black Atlanta, being featured in The IMPRINT Magazine as “Young & Relentless”, being featured in Dunia International Magazine, being featured on the UNCF Empower ME Tour, The AT&T &8 Days Movers & S&akers Campaign, being named one of Power 30 under 30, and being named one of GXL Magazine’s Most Influential People.  

Chris has worked and consulted for over 55 Fortune 500 Companies saving them millions of dollars and has transferred that success to his own practice in which he achieves outstanding results for his clients by implementing a customized need-focused approach utilizing best-in-class coaching tools and techniques. His no-nonsense process and system gets results!


Access to the World Best Success Tools, Techniques & Strategies

For well over a decade Chris Cooper has committed himself to personal development and to the study of human behavior, He's been coached and instructed by World Class Industry Leaders in Peak Performance, Psychology, Organizational and Human Behavior, and for the FIRST TIME EVER He's fusing his learnings with his very own GSD system that has assisted him in transforming over 55 Fortune 100 Companies, and individuals from Canada to South Africa and all points in between. These best practices have propelled his businesses and those of his clients to monumental levels. THIS IS NOT YOUR AVERAGE SEMINAR! 

NOW You have access to the information that will assist you in brining tasks to completion and Getting Sh*t Done! The masters have systems, strategies and processes for success and Chris wants to share them with you!

Access to a Community of Achievers Just Like You!

As an added benefit, you will have the opportunity to network with a group of high performance achievers that are the emerging and stand out leaders in the private sectors, public sectors, academia and in their communities.  

This is unique environment has been strategically designed to be the melting pot of creative and unmatched potential to create an explosion of power and passion that can and will change the world. It doesn’t matter where you find yourself currently: uber-successful or simply surviving trying to pull everything together. I am here to increase your ability to actively participate in your success at a higher level of acceleration and accomplishment. 

There is Power in Proximity- so make sure you take your place!! 


“Chris Cooper gives powerful & practical tools for taking your life to the next level and beyond. He offers clarity and helps you to create an efficient game plan to achieve your dreams with passion and purpose.”  

Kim Coles Actor & Comedian 

Marshawn Evans is A World Renown: Reinvention Strategist Millionaire Business Mentor Best-Selling Author TV Personality Wifey Faith-Walker

Click The Video Above and Hear what she has to say about Chris Cooper 

"Thanks Chris Cooper for Igniting My Fire!!! My book that was collecting dust on a shelf for 2 years is at the printers TODAY! Because of the time I have spent with you (going into my second year) I now have a Specific Measureable and Realistic Plan- a true foundation for my empire! I am soooo excited!! My life has been so much more….more Purpose, more Energy, more Momentum, more Power and I love it and I attribute much of this Power to our work and your guidance Chris! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You" 

Roberta Brunin Will Power Strategist and BUTT OUT Authority


Where: Special Event Location TBA

When: Saturday, February 24th 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM and Sunday, February 25th 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM  

What to bring: an open mind, snacks, a light sweater if you get cold in conference/seminar rooms, and Great Energy!!!