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Atlanta, Georgia
27th- 29th  September 2019


Imagine in just Three Days you’ll flex your creative muscles and you will able to understand the nuts and bolts of the expert industry, identify and claim your space, and get a plan to Execute Your Passion so you can Achieve Your Dreams by sharing your gifts with the world! 

  • No more trying to figure it out all by yourself
  • You don’t have to keep living small! 
  • No more settling
  • No more talking yourself out of serving the world due to lack of money, resources or experience!

Guess what? You deserve to be compensated for your time, your talents and your abilities!
This is the first step! You’ll have everything you need to make a difference, build a brand, and position yourself and your work to turn your passion into profit! 

FROM THE DESK of Chris Cooper...

Tuesday, 8:08 AM EST

Dear Expert/Expert-in-Training (Yes You my friend!) 

Any of this sound familiar?

         * You have a book inside you but for some reason you can’t or don’t know how to finish it and get it out there!
         * You’d love to take your part-time hobby of speaking and make it a real business
         * You know that you are meant to do more than just work a job, you have a passion for helping people, but that doesn’t pay the bills
         * You’re always THE ONE everyone comes to for advise and counseling; You know that you should be a coach, but where do you
         * You’ve been doing trainings, speeches and presentations for years at work, church, and within community organizations and you
             are tired of doing it for FREE! 
         *  You’ve been searching for some passive income online and you’re totally confused as to where to begin. 
         * You tried tons of online and live programs and seminars and you have binders upon binders of info but for some reason you
             haven’t been able to implement any of it! 
         *  You know its time to Get Sh*t Done! No more watching, wishing and waiting….

If any of this rings true, then I have a special treat for you. I'd like to invite you to the FIRST and ONLY Introductory Expert Industry Bootcamp designed for authors, coaches, speakers, trainers, service-oriented entrepreneurs and those powerful change agents who are committed to learning, earning and serving at the highest level possible while making a difference without having to re-invent the wheel!

I will take you by the hand and PERSONALLY walk you through creating an Expert’s Power and Profit Plan (EPPP) that will enable you to speak anywhere, create anything, serve anyone and shine in your respective field!

You see, I've figured it all out AND I'm laying it out for you so you can easily duplicate my success: 
                * I’ve authored two amazing and insightful self-published International #1 BEST SELLING Books and sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide on my own without a major publishing house (oh and I wrote one of my books in just 28 days) 
                * I’ve released an audio book with an actual soundtrack (how cool is that?)
                * I’ve spoken to audiences of 10 to 10,000 across three different continents that have brought in thousands of dollars per event
                    (even for a 15-minute talk!)
                * I’ve started three companies in 3 different industries I’ve won countless international and domestic awards and honors
                * I’ve Been featured in various print, media and TV publications I was selected from a global talent pool of over 500+ of the
                   World’s Best Life & Business Coaches to become an Elite Results Coach for the Father of the Coaching Industry.
                 * I’ve been recruited to host my very own Daily Talk Radio Show on the FM DIAL in ATLANTA (right….Primetime Talk Radio on
                    FM, I was shocked too)  I'm getting a TV show too ;-) 
                 * And I’m still considered “wet” behind the ears (meaning I’m just getting started…)  That's why I'm ready to walk you through
                    the same process that works so successfully for me, over and over again.

But it's deeper than that. You see, I LOVE more than anything teaching others how to monetize their message and make a real difference because guess what? You deserve to be compensated for your time, your talents and your abilities!

Here’s what I used to do: I invested well over $100,000 in personal development programs, seminars, coaching, you name it and I had success but I was so full of info that I felt intellectually constipated and the only way to release that internal pressure was to apply that knowledge and share it with others. So I generated some success but my Fatal Flaw was that I was giving up all the goods FOR FREE! Yes the information that I invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in, I was giving it away nill willy. 

That was until one of my first life & business coaches taught me a valuable lesson: He said “Chris, You deserve to be compensated for your time, your talents and your abilities- NO MORE FREEBIES, if this is how you are going to support your family, you must teach people to appreciate and invest in the informational powerhouse that you’ve become- You are a Champion for Success and it’s high time that You started acting as such!”

That was a magic moment for me and it totally changed the trajectory of my life forever! I internalized that conversation and it was that seed that has blossomed into avalanches of abundance in so many areas of my life and I WANT THE VERY SAME THING FOR YOU!!

~ Chris Cooper



This is the only training event customized SPECIFICALLY for authors, coaches, speakers, trainers, service-oriented entrepreneurs and those powerful change agents who are committed to learning, earning and serving at the highest level possible while making a difference and  the best news is that you won’t have  to re-invent the wheel, I’m going to share with you EXACTLY What to do!

  • Understand the Psychology of Entrepreneurship and Infopreneruship
  • Decode the Expert Industry
  • Help you find your voice, your place and how to monetize your message
  • Give you an exhaustive toolkit of the best marketing, branding, positioning, networking and presentation practices on the planet
  • Learn how to become a BEST SELLING AUTHOR
  • And of course there’s more…


This is THE EVENT for authors, coaches, speakers, trainers, and service-oriented entrepreneurs who are finally ready to make the leap and get paid for what they love doing! This is an experience for service professionals who prefer an authentic approach and a proven system that get results!

If you resonate with my Get Sh*t Done Philosophy of no more watching, wishing, or waiting, then you’ll love learning how to expand your toolkit, make a difference, build a brand, and position yourself and your work to turn your passion into profit!

And I know there’s two things that I refuse to waste those being: time and money, so there’s no reason to make this a long, drawn out or laborious process. I’m all about combining simplicity and systems, which means you’re going to walk away with a Expert’s Execution Plan (EEP) that will enable you to speak anywhere, create anything, serve anyone and shine in your respective field!

From this interactive experience you’re going to walk away with:

  • A thorough understanding of the Psychology of Entrepreneurship
  • A deeper understanding of Infopreneurship and how you can make a fortune based on your advice, gifts and talents
  • A Strategic look at all of the components of the expert industry and identification of where YOU fit in.
  • World Class Marketing and Branding Strategies!
  • Proven Global Positioning Techniques and Strategies
  • Networking Best Practices
  • A Roadmap to Becoming A Best Selling Author!
  • Passionate and Powerful Presentation Skills
  • Body Language and Communication Must Haves
  • The Psychology of Winning Big in Anything
  • An executable plan that works!
  • The Confidence and Certainty that you have all you need to Thrive and Dominate in this Expert Space

Best yet, you’re going to know how to be paid well for doing what you love, because You deserve to be COMPENSATED WELL for your time, your talents and your abilities!

You're getting EVERYTHING YOU NEED: The  Best Practices, Access to the Worlds Best Tools Technique and Leading Experts, Networking Opportunities and You'll become a part of a MOVEMENT highly connected, motivated and ambitious momentum seekers committed to be agents of change. The New Movement of GET SH*T DONERS (Relationships + Access = Movement) Together we will defy the odds, Become The World’s Eminent Leaders and who knows we may even grow wings!

" Long ago, I realized that success leaves clues, and that people who produce outstanding results do specific things to create those results. I beleived that if I precisely duplicated the actions of others, I could reproduce the  same quality of  results they had ”

- Tony Robbins


Here's What You Can Expect...

DAY  1

Success is 80% Psychology & 20% Mechanics...

Day One is all about Foundation and the foundation upon which all entrepreneurial, business and life success is build upon is on our Personal Psychology- it's truly a game changer and it can be our biggest asset or our greatest liability. In Day One of The Expert Industry Bootcamp, we'll cover:

  • Introduction to the Expert Industry
  • The Mindset of an Expert
  • Infopreneurship
  • Personal Psychology and Personal Mastery
  •  Several Types  of Experts
  • Expert Income Streams
  • Service Offerings and Systems
  • and sooo much more...

This is indeed a plethora of information but guess what we'll just be getting started baby! Buckle Up for a Thrilling Ride! 
Don't worry because Day 1 is Full of Suprises and Rest Assured we will have tons of fun while learning!!!


The Only Place Success Comes Before Work is in the Dictionary...

Day Two is all about understanding and effectively implementing the true work of an expert. This craft is both an art and a science so there are several things that you should be congnizant if you truly want to  Monetize  Your Message and You desire to Turn your Passion into Profit.  In Day Two of The Expert Industry Bootcamp, we'll cover:

  • Message Monetization Strategies
  • Passion Profit Centers
  • Expert Execution Strategies
  • Expert Branding and Marketing
  • Expert Expansion Strategies
  • and sooo much more...

Let's Get to WORK- This is truly a BOOTCAMP Experience so in DAY 2 we roll up our sleeves and get cracking!


It's not just about the Resources it's about Being Resourceful

After identifying and adopting the proper personal psychology, methods, strategies it's critical to create the Full Expert Execution Plan. And no plan is complete without the tools that make the magic happen! Day Three is all about brining all the pieces together including:

  • An Experts Panel
  • The Essentials of an Experts ToolKit
  • Cutting Edge Technologies
  • and sooo much more.....

At the conclusion of Day 3 you will walk away with a Practical Expert Power & Porfit Plan to build your Expert Empire Immediately!!!

It's time to be compensated for your time, talent and abilities

Are you ready to Step Up?



Don't Take my Word for It....

  • "Thanks Chris Cooper for Igniting My Fire!!! My book that was collecting dust on a shelf for 2 years is at the printers TODAY! Because of the time I have spent with you (going into my second year) I now have a Specific Measureable and Realistic Plan- a true foundation for my empire! I am soooo excited!! My life has been so much more….more Purpose, more Energy, more Momentum, more Power and I love it and I attribute much of this Power to our work and your guidance Chris! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You ."
    Roberta Brunin
    Alberta, Canada
  • " Chris Cooper gives powerful & practical tools for taking your life to the next level and beyond. He offers clarity and helps you to create an efficient game plan to achieve your dreams with passion and purpose."
    Kim Coles
    Los Angeles, CA
  • "I have taken Chris Cooper’s GSD VBC and been a part of his wonderful Limitless experience. Chris is insightful, energetic and passionate about bringing out the best in his clients. The biggest lesson I have learn from Chris is let perfection go and treat the things I desire to accomplish as an iterative process. Movement in positioning yourself for success is an action that is never exactly ideal. Lastly, I have learned my new favorite acronym from Chris, F.O.C.U.S. which means Follow One Course Until Successful and that is exactly what I intend to do with my dream goals"
    AM  Morgan
    Dallas, TX






It's Great to be a General Attendee but VIP brings a complete upgraded experience .  Key Diamond VIP Benefits include:

  • Priority Event Access
  • Reserved Seating in the first 2 Rows
  • VIP Concierge Service and Treatment throughout the Event
  • Special VIP Lunch Daily
  • Special Cocktail Reception with Chris and other VIPs
  • Special 1-on-1 individual coaching session with Chris regarding your business
  • Unlimited Selfie Opportunities (LOL)
  • and soo much more....

As you can see VIP Membership indeed does have it's privileges and if you want to truly maximize your time at the Expert Industry Bootcamp then this option is for you! Don't delay there are a limited number of Diamond VIP spots available and they are filled on a first-come, first served- basis. Don't miss out and there are a some additional FAST ACTION Bonuses for the first 10 Diamond VIPs to Register, click below to find out more!!!!

Chris Cooper

In a Few Words...

  • Father
  • DragonSlayer
  • Lifestyle & Procrastination Expert
  • Radio/TV Host
  • #1 Best-Selling Author
  • Speaker
  • Elite Life & Business Results Coach
  • Trainer
  • Lover of Life!


Seen on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX, TWO-TIME #1 Best Selling AuthorLifestyle & Procrastination Expert Chris Cooper is one of the most dynamic, engaging and accomplished authors, coaches, trainers and speakers in America. With three academic degrees, numerous professional certifications, book smarts and street smarts this young man of vision, passion and charisma has done it all! From being the youngest Senior Manager ever with a major Fortune 100 Company to starting three businesses, to running with the bulls in Spain and even Walking on Fire, Chris’ life has indeed  been and continues to be an exciting adventure.
Chris’ recent accolades include being named Who’s Who in Black Atlanta, being featured in The IMPRINT Magazine as “Young & Relentless”, being featured in Dunia International Magazine, being featured on the UNCF Empower ME Tour, The AT&T 28 Days Movers & Shakers Campaign, being named one of Power 30 under 30, and being named one of GXL Magazine’s Most Influential People.
Chris has worked and consulted for over 55 Fortune 500 Companies saving them millions of dollars and has transferred that success to his own practice in which he achieves outstanding results for his clients by implementing a customized need-focused approach utilizing best-in-class coaching tools and techniques. His no-nonsense process and system gets results.


The Weight of Discipline & Sacrifice weighs ounces, while the weight of REGRET weighs TONS, INVEST in YOUR MOST APPRECIABLE ASSEST- YOU!!!!

 Earlybird Investement: General Admission $997 USD Up to August 15th
                                  Diamond VIP $1497 USD Up to August 15th
Regular Investement: General Admission $2997 USD Aug 16th-  Sept 24th
    Diamond VIP $3497 USD Aug 16th- Sept 24th


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Can't Wait to See You in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA
Friday, September 27th  through 
Thursday,  September 29th 2019
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Event Times
Friday,  September 27, 2019   8 AM - 7 PM
Saturday, September 28, 2019  8 AM - 9 PM
Sunday, September 29, 2019  8 AM - 4 PM
Lots of Suprises Are In Store!!!