SEPTEMBER 27-29, 2019



SEPTEMBER 27-29, 2019



Imagine in just Three Days you’ll flex your creative muscles and you will able to understand the nuts and bolts of the expert industry, identify and claim your space, and get a plan to Execute Your Passion so you can Achieve Your Dreams by sharing your gifts with the world!  

  • No more trying to figure it out all by yourself
  • You don’t have to keep living small! 
  • No more settling
  • No more talking yourself out of serving the world due to lack of money, resources or experience!  

Guess what? You deserve to be compensated for your time, your talents and your abilities! This is the first step! You’ll have everything you need to make a difference, build a brand, and position yourself and your work to turn your passion into profit! 

This Event is For You If...

  • You have a book inside you but for some reason you can’t or don’t know how to finish it and get it out there!
  • You’d love to take your part-time hobby of speaking and make it a real business
  • You know that you are meant to do more than just work a job, you have a passion for helping people, but that doesn’t pay the bills
  • You’re always THE ONE everyone comes to for advise and counseling; You know that you should be a coach, but where do you start?
  • You’ve been doing trainings, speeches and presentations for years at work, church, and within community organizations and you are tired of doing it for FREE! 
  • You’ve been searching for some passive income online and you’re totally confused as to where to begin. 
  • You've tried tons of online and live programs and seminars and you have binders upon binders of info but for some reason you haven’t been able to implement any of it! 
  • You know its time to Get Sh*t Done! No more watching, wishing and waiting….  

What to Expect

This is the ONLY training event customized SPECIFICALLY for authors, coaches, speakers, trainers, service-oriented entrepreneurs and those powerful change agents who are committed to learning, earning and serving at the highest level possible while making a difference and the best news is that you won’t have to re-invent the wheel, I’m going to share with you EXACTLY What to do!


We're Bringing Out The Big Guns !!

MARSHAWN EVANS DANIELS Reinvention Strategist and Millionaire Faith + Business Mentor 

DAVID BROWNLEE #1 Best Selling Author RockStar Customer Service Trainer  

 GALA JACKSON Career Transition & Leadership Coach TEDx Talker and National Speaker  

MARQUEL RUSSELL Client Attraction Expert Online Marketing Guru 

People Are Talking...

A picture is often better than a thousand words, so I assume that makes a video even more powerful. Take a look and a listen to the feedback from some previous Bootcamp Attendees!!


1) What are the dates and times of the Expert Industry Bootcamp?  

The event starts Friday, September 27th at 8:30 AM and completes Sunday, September 29th by 4:00 PM. By Late afternoon Sunday you will already have your Expert Power & Profit Plan in hand, and you will be ready to execute in a big way and you'll still have an opportunity to enjoy Hot-Lanta before returning home or catching your return flight. Specific location and accommodation information will be provided upon registration completion.  

2) Will I have time to work on my Expert Power & Profit Plan there, or will I end up coming home with a huge project on my hands?  

Great question. And great news! This is a bootcamp, so we will doing the push ups and sit ups on site. You'll get your Expert Power & Profit Plan created in the 3 days you're there WITH my guidance, not to mention being able to mastermind and bounce ideas off the other amazing attendees. So CJ, not only will you have an understanding that You Deserve to be Compensated Well for your time, talents and abilities - but you'll have a tangible plan along with the tools, strategies, technologies and overall mindset that will enable you to speak anywhere, create anything, serve anyone and shine in your respective field!  

3) Is this one of those multi-speaker, pitch-athon events where 5 speakers a day throw offers at you?  

First off, there IS a place for those events. If you want to study selling-from-the stage first hand and see for yourself what works and what doesn't, those can be valuable to attend.  

That said, no. This is NOT one of those events.  

This is a true "get sh*t done" training bootcamp taught by me, Mr GSD. Along with getting lots of "Chris Time" you'll also get the chance to hear from 4 experts that I hand selected because what they teach is a relevant piece of the Expert Industry Bootcamp Puzzle. One will teach you what it really means to Believe Bigger so that you can welcome the abundance that is associated with your gifts, the next will show you how to move courageously with clarity. The next will show you "how to turn complete strangers into clients that happily pay you $3K-$10K+ in 72 hrs or less (even if nobody has ever heard of you)" and the last one will give Rockstar Customer Service & Retention Strategies along with 7 secrets to a million dollar business.  

So you are in for a real treat!  

4) I'm an aspiring or existing Coach/Trainer/Speaker/Author and I've never considered myself an "Expert" , can you still help me create an Expert Power & Profit Plan that gets me results?  

I get this question a lot. And you'll be happy to know that YES, this system works just as powerfully for animal healers as it does for sales trainers. In other words, you don't need to have been considered an Expert or Famous Go-to Person in your field to make a huge impact and get paid for it accordingly. Really!  

And while many people are "strapped for money" you'll see they will part with the money they have to solve a pain that they are TRULY tired of. I see it all the time. People say they can't afford something to one person, and then turn around and buy a $400 purse or take a trip to Vegas. It's all about people's priorities, and I'll show you how to map out a plan that speaks to the people who have the pain that you solve so that they understand you have the solution to transform that and will have what they need to act on-the-spot!  

5) Can you explain how the pre-course bonus works?  

Absolutely. This is what I'm most excited about because your training starts the moment you register! You will get event specific information, pre-course work and much more!  

As soon as you reserve your space, you'll immediately be given:  

  • Event Location Details and Your link to secure your accommodations at our beautiful Host hotel (I've negotiated an amazing deal and you'll love the perks we're including)
  • A link to start your pre-course work which will give my team and I a deeper understanding of you, your expertise, your business, and even your event expectations so we can create a live customized event experience that will surpass your imagination
  • And I am Super-Duper excited that none other then Reinvention Strategist and Millionaire Faith + Business Mentor - The Incredible Marshawn Evans Daniels will be leading a Virtual LIVE 90-minute Pre-Event Masterclass on belief, purpose and abundance a few days before the event!  
  • You're also going to get a live Q&A/Hot Seat call with me personally right before the event to answer any question that you have so you'll be ready to go full throttle on Day 1 of the event!  

6) Chris, it's really difficult for me to come to a live event. Is it really worth all the trouble and expense to travel out there?

Absolutely! Look, I'm a dad of two extremely active sons. I get it. But, getting out of your day-to-day environment is crucial to your success as an entrepreneur.  

Aside from the fact you're going to have an Expert Power & Profit Plan crafted in 3 Days ( be honest-- would you REALLY have a Proven Plan and Executable Strategies done in 3 days if you stayed at home in your office?) you'll also have a chance to network and mastermind with other attendees and experts. This is where the real magic comes in - you might discover a new way of looking at your business or your life that kicks things into high gear. You might find your next client or joint venture partner. You might even book your first gig! It's amazing what happens once you get out of your "same old same old" and spend some time with your peers.  

7) Can you send me the link for the FREE Training " Fill Your Speaking & Coaching Business with Ease, Avoid the 3 Massive Mistakes that keep Speakers & Coaches Frustrated, Unproductive and Broke!" again?  

Of course! Here it is:  

Fill Your Speaking & Coaching Business with Ease  

Are you ready to step up, monetize your message, turn your passion into profit and get paid well for doing what you love? Click the Link Below to reserve your space

Let's do this.